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Summer Quarter 2012 Registered Students: Links to Start your Course

Please note that Virtual Classrooms will be open the week of June 25, 2012.  Student ANGEL accounts will be accessible on the Friday before the quarter begins.

Instructions for Registered Students:  Locate your course from the listing below. Once you have clicked on the link to your course use the e-mail provided to contact your instructor, introduce yourself, and follow the instructions to begin your course.  e-Learning courses require active participation and students need to log into their classes or communicate with their instructor by email no later than the second day of the quarter  to avoid getting behind or being dropped from the course. 

For information about class orientations or additional meetings please go to the
Class Meeting Schedule page. (Orientation times and locations may change so please check the schedule page right before the quarter begins for any updates.) 

  • Please complete our Course Survey for Summer quarter 2012. This is NOT AN EVALUATION OF THE INSTRUCTOR*. This is a survey about your e-Learning experience.
    All information collected in this survey will be anonymous.
  • Virtual College needs your input:  Please fill out our new Website Survey 
  • Before beginning your class please complete our Demographic Survey if you have not already done so.
  • Click here for more information about the Academic Calendar which gives dates for the current quarter.
  • Click here to update your email address so your instructor can contact you.
  • If you plan to use on-campus computers, create your NetID account (see below)
  • Events Calendar: Listing of North Seattle's calendar and events.

NetID Account!

 On the first day of the Quarter, please take time to set up your NetID user account. This account must be established prior to your orientations, but can not be set up prior to the start of the Quarter. NetID enables your access to on-campus computers. Your NetID comes with up to 100MB of storage space that you can use to store class work, research or any kind of electronic data. This storage space comes with a "www folder" that allows students to store work (documents, spread sheets, power points or html) that is viewable on the web. NetID also provides students with applications (email, calendar and document creation).  These applications can be accessed at the link above. The login for "Google Apps" is the same as your net ID.

Please note: Your NetID login is not the same as for any courseware used in your classroom. 

ACCT 110 D2ACCT 131 D1
ACCT& 201 D1, ACCT& 202 D1, ACCT& 203 D1,
ACCT 252 D1, ACCT 255 D2, ACCT 265 D1
ACCT 270 D1, ACCT 271 D1

ANTH& 206 D1
BIOL 125 D1
BUS& 101 D1BUS 200 D1

CHEM& 121 D1, CHEM 121 D2
CHEM& 131 D1, CHEM& 139 D1
CMST& 230 D1
Computer Science
CSC 110 D1, CSC 110 D2

ECON 100 D1, ECON& 201 D1,
ECON& 202 D1
ENGL& 101 D1, ENGL& 101 D2,
ENGL& 102 D1ENGL& 102 D2, ENGL& 111 D1
ENGL 151 D1, ENGL 152 D1, ENGL 153 D1,
Environmental Science
ENV 150 D1

GEOL& 101 D1

Health and Medical
AHI 100 D1, AHI 100 D2, AHI 100 D3,
AMA 102 D4, AMA 103 D4, AMA 108 D4,
AMA 109 D4, AMA 115 D4, AMA 170 D1,
AMA 171 D2, AMA 172 D3, AMA 173 D4
AMA 174 D5, AMA 175 D6, AMA 176 D7,
AMA 177 D8, AMA 178 D9, AMA 179 D10
AMA 180 D11, AMA 181 D12, AMA 241 D4,
AMA 246 D4, AMA 290 D4

H: cont 
Health and Human Sexuality
HEA 150 D1
HIST& 128 D1, HIST& 146 D1, HIST& 148 D1
HUM 110 D1, HUM 110 D2

Information Tech
IT 101 D1,
IT 122 D2, IT 126 D1, IT 128 D1
IT 135 D1

MATH 081 D1, MATH 084 D1P, MATH 085 D1P MATH 090 D1, MATH 097 DP1, MATH 098 D1PMATH& 107 D1,
MATH& 146 D1, MATH& 146 D2 (formerly
MATH 109)
MATH& 148 D1
MUSC 110 D1, MUSC 113 D1

NTR 150 D1, NTR 150 D3,
NTR 150 D4, NTR 150 D5, NTR 150 D6

Parent Education
FAM 180 D1
PHIL& 106 D1
Political Science
POLS& 101 D1, POLS& 202 D1
PSYC& 100 D1, PSYC& 100 D2
PSYC& 200 D1, PSYC& 200 D2PSYC& 200 D3
Real Estate

RES 100 D1, RES 140 D1

SOC& 101 D1, SOC& 101 D2, SOC& 101 D3
SOC& 230 D1

Classes in Red have been Canceled


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