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MATH 090 D1: Mathematical Modules

Short Description: This is a review and/or refresher course on different topics in math ranging from basic math to college algebra to precalculus.  The class is set-up in "module" form. To earn 2 credits, students have to choose 3 topics to work on.  There is a $10 fee for access, payable by credit card (Visa, Mastercard or American Express) to the publisher. The modules can be taken anytime during the quarter. Computer with broadband connection required.

Instructor: Deanna Li
Deanna Li

Details on Instructor
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Item Number: 9531

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Instructor:  Deanna Li

Instructor Email: 

Credits: 2 credits for 3 modules for Algebra and 2 credits for 2 modules for Precalculus.

Class Information: MATH 090

Mode: Fully Online, Videomedia 

Fees: UD

Prerequisites: None

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Other Instructional Materials:  Computer with broadband connection required - Math modules are videostreamed over the internet.
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