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 Summer Quarter Hybrid Classes: 2012 Schedule

Instructions for Registered Students

  • If you plan to use on-campus computers in the labs, create your NetID account (see below)
  • Hybrid courses are partly on campus and partly online.  You will be meeting with your instructor on campus on a regular schedule.  Your instructor will be able to provide you with information regarding your course - the class web site and any login information required.  For technical support you can contact NeLSC on campus or by email.
  • Then access your course by clicking on the link in the Registered Students Information column. This will give you give you important information about accessing your virtual classroom and courseware.
  • For information about on campus class schedule (meeting days, times and rooms) please click on the Learn More link and locate your class in the North Seattle Online schedule. 
  • Instruction Calendar: Listing of the school's calendar and events.

NetID Account!
Please take this time to set up your NetID user account. 

NetID enables your access to on-campus computers. Your NetID comes with up to 100MB of storage space that you can use to store class work, research or any kind of electronic data. This storage space comes with a "www folder" that allows students to store work (documents, spread sheets, power points or html) that is viewable on the web. NetID also provides students with applications (email, calendar and document creation).  These applications can be accessed at the link above. The login for "Google Apps" is the same as your net ID.

Please note: Your NetID login is not the same as for any courseware used in your classroom. 

Hybrid Classes (H) for more information please see the Modes of Study page. 

("Fuel-Efficient") classes involve significant on-campus work as well as online learning. Most classes have at least one on-campus meeting per week along with online communication and content elements. The amount of each may vary from week to week. 

        Prospective Students Registered Students
2265 CHEM& 162 H4 H General Chemistry W/Lab II Learn More Start Class
2275 CHEM& 163 H4 H General Chemistry W/Lab III Learn More Start Class
0010 CWE 101 H1 H Portfolio, Job Search, and Interviewing Learn More Start Class
0012 CWE 110 H1 H Internship Learn More Start Class
2325 ECON& 201 H2 H Microeconomics Learn More Start Class
2365 GEOL& 208 H8 H Geology of Pacific NW Learn More Start Class
3245 HIST& 214 H2 H Pacific Northwest History Learn More Start Class
5252 HVC 210 H1 H Cooling and Heating I Learn More Start Class
5254 HVC 211 H1 H Cooling and Heating I 2B Learn More Start Class
8961 IEP 061 H1 H Reading/Writing/Grammar 6 Learn More Start Class
3255 ISP 220 H2 H World Hunger Learn More Start Class
3257 ISP 220 HZ2 H World Hunger Learn More Start Class
3409 POLS& 203 H4 H International Relations Learn More Start Class
5103 TDR 103 H1N H Energy Analysis for BIM Learn More Start Class
5104 TDR 176 H1N H Civil and Site Drafting Learn More Start Class