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NSCC ANGEL Learning Management System Support

ANGEL Learning Management Systems is a Web-based course management system and collaboration portal that enables educators to manage course materials and to communicate with students. ANGEL can function both as a complement to traditional courses and as a site for e-Learning.

If your course uses ANGEL or Canvas LMS you need to be aware that accounts are only created for Officially Registered Students.  After you are moved from a waitlist into a course it can take up to 4 hours for your account to be activated.   Accounts are not created for students on waitlists.

Please Note: We have found that mobile Android devices such as the Samsung Galaxy do not have the minimum requirements to run ANGEL LMS.  If you would like to use a mobile device to access your
e-Learning course please confirm with the manufacturer that it has the capability to run the software. 

For Fall Quarter 2012:  The first time you login to your ANGEL account you will see the following disclaimer.  To continue to your login you will need to Agree to the disclaimer.

"The Blackboard software application on this website has placed cookies on your computer.

Cookies are functions within the software that collect and store data which users input in the course of their utilization of the
software. Before proceeding to further use the software application, you must consent to the collection, storage, and use of this
data in accordance with the Blackboard Privacy Center, as described further at

By clicking "Agree", you accept these cookies from this site, as well as how they collect, store, and use data which you input."

What ANGEL Learning does to support your e-Learning experience.

With ANGEL, you can take surveys, quizzes, and tests; send and receive course mail; post messages to threaded discussions and chat rooms; upload your assignments using online drop boxes that are protected from viewing by unauthorized viewers.  You can check your progress and grades at any time during a course. Your instructor can also create groups and teams for project or committee work. These features help make your online experience comparable  to on campus instruction.  By logging into your ANGEL account you will have access to course materials such as the syllabus and course materials.   

New to ANGEL?  Find helpful information that will familiarize you with the courseware.

If you have not yet taken a course that uses ANGEL LMS there is a "Week Zero" tutorial that will help you to get familiar with the software, provided by WAOL.  You login as a guest and will get an introduction to navigating and using ANGEL.  Your time will be well spent with this introduction.

Resources and Tutorials for Students: these are tutorials offering step by step instructions for using specific ANGEL tools such as Dropbox, Discussion Room, taking quizzes, viewing grades as well as an overview of the courseware.

Please Note:  Your ANGEL class will be disabled the Thursday after the end of the quarter. At that time you will be able to login to your account but you will lose access to any information that is contained in your course.  If there is any information you wish to retain you will need to download or copy this information before the end of the quarter.  For more information please contact your instructor to confirm the date that your class will be disabled. 

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