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Step 3 - How to Begin Your Course

1. Starting your class.

If you are taking an online class go to the Registered Students Page, choose the quarter you will attend, and find your class on the list.   Use the e-mail provided to contact your instructor and introduce yourself.

Click the link to the "Meeting Page" to determine if your class has any orientations or meetings on campus.  If you are unable to attend the orientation please make your instructor aware of this so that they can provide you with any information that may be needed to start class. 

Student accounts for courseware will be available the first day of the quarter unless noted otherwise.
The "Class Web Site" will send you to the URL for your virtual classroom.  Login information is provided for those classes using Canvas, for other courses your instructor is the best source of information.

Many North Seattle e-Learning courses use Canvas LMS as a course delivery system but not all courses. 

The Registered Students page provides students with the correct URL for their course as well as their instructors email. 

2. If you are on Financial Aid you must supply the Financial Aid Office with evidence of your attendance.

You can do this by first accessing your course and completing any requirements to show attendance.  Then send your instructor an email requesting verification of your attendance. Instructors will then email Financial Aid directly with this confirmation. If you have any questions regarding your status please contact Financial Aid for verification.

It is important to contact your instructor and login to your course before the end of the second day of the quarter or you may be dropped from the course. 

3. Please note: Registering after the beginning of the quarter

Classes that use the North Canvas LMS will be on an automated system.  After you have officially registered your account should be available within 4 hours.  Please contact e-Learning during business hours if you are unable to login after registration.  That's it! You are ready for class.

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