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Welcome to North Seattle's e-Learning
Web Enhanced Courses:

The North Seattle e-Learning Support Center (NeLSC) provides help to on campus students and instructors that  use technology to supplement course materials.

Many North Seattle Web Enhanced courses use Canvas as their Learning Management System. NeLSC provides support for this courseware at our on campus location (one door south of the Library main entrance, LB2237).  As well as support by email and phone (see information below for these resources)

The Virtual College web site also has technical support pages that will walk you through logging in to your Canvas virtual classroom to giving you tips on navigating the software.  If your course uses a different LMS software contact NeLSC with your questions and we can usually help or point you in the right direction.       

NeLSC is on campus as well as on line to help make your
e-Learning experience successful:

 Visit us in LB 2237 on the second floor of the library building, one door south of the main library entrance.

If you are registered for a course that uses web enhanced technology you can find more information about accessing this technology: 

Classes using our Learning System, Canvas please click here: Registered Students using canvas.
Classes using other technology please click here: Registered Students using other technology

Questions about e-Learning and Tech Support?  Email us at:

We can also be reached at NeLSC (North e-Learning Support Center): (206) 934-3738
(Hours M-F 8:30AM - 5PM.  Messages sent after office hours will be answered the next business day)

North Seattle Registration:  (206) 934-3663

North Seattle Advising: or (206) 934-3658

Registration and Advising are located in the College Center building on the second floor adjacent to each other.

If your class uses a web site: Your instructor will give you any required web site or login information.

How to Start Class: Attend class on campus - the days, times and room is listed in the North Seattle online schedule

Other Instructional Materials:

For classes using Canvas LMS, we suggest that you download the free version of Mozilla Firefox (select most current version). Canvas also supports the latest version of Chrome. Some MAC users report issues while using Safari,  usually switching to another browser (Firefox or Chrome) will work better.

We have also had some students experience connectivity issues while taking exams if they are using a wireless connection to the internet.   Computers with an actual cable connection to a modem may help.

If you are planning to use a mobile device for more than email alerts from your class there may be compatibility/usability issues depending on the operating system. Please contact Canvas Forums with questions or stop by NeLSC offices on campus.